Your name is KURLOZ MAKARA and you are the SILENT PRINCE. You have been given your status as a MASTER thanks to your blood colour and now you have free roam of the slave hold to ENTERTAIN yourself as you please.

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Little Yellow Blood || 7w1573d4ffl1c710n


Mituna felt the best of shivers trickle its way down his spine as Kurloz moaned again. More of those sounds, more of the fingers in his hair! That’s what his body wanted and his mind was so clouded with lust that’d agree to anything right now. Especially more of that sucking he got to do on the mute.

 The increase of buzzing made Mituna give his own little noises, though they were hardly outright moans. More little whimpers because Kurloz was strange and fucking evil so far. Fuck. He didn’t understand why he was being forced into this or why he was enjoying it but his nook felt good and his hair was being pulled in the best way. He’d be damned if he was going to be stopping anytime soon.

That split tongue of his got a good work out, coiling and slithering over the other’s bulge as he pulled his head back and forth as best as he could considering he barely had much control over his body. But Mituna was a trooper (and he was enjoying it regardless of the bite wound and initials carved into his body.)


He groaned again, surprised at himself as he was hardly ever this vocal. Something the little broken psionic was doing was really getting under his skin in the most tremendous of ways. The sounds the other was making were sending vibrations down his bulge and they warmed him to his very core. He wanted more though, so much more. He wanted to he deep inside the other, make use of that split nook of his like no one had ever done before.

He yanked the others head back and away before letting it go, moving his hands instead to his shoulders and spinning him round. The sound of skin scraping on concrete was delightful to him as she forced the other on to his hands and knees, face down ass up, and what a sigh it was even if it was a little boney. He rubbed his bulge against the others sopping nook before sharply thrusting in to the half of his nook that wasn’t filled with the vibrator. Another moan fell from his lips as he was taken in by the warm tightness, feeling the vibrator through his thin wall making everything feel ten times better. He reached round to grab roughly at the others double bulge, pumping one roughly as the other did whatever it was doing to his wrist. It unsettled him slightly how they looked, as he had never seen anything like it, however he wasn’t going to complain.

+ 10 || Open


Karkat noticed the subjugglator passing through the halls and he growled, trying to make himself disappear in the shadow. Hopefully, this one wouldn’t be interested in looking at him or even try to have him for a weekend. Karkat had already his fair share of dealings, thanks to Aradia and now he wanted a break. Not that he expected it to be a real break either.

He felt the gaze on him (and though his nervosity might have been the cause because Kurloz was looking at everyone and not just him) and felt terribly uncomfortable. He hissed lowly, trying to make himself as uninteresting as possible as his scarlet eyes shone through the dark, glaring viciously at Kurloz.

He glanced at the small troll glaring at him, making pathetic noises in an attempt to be intimidating. Obviously it wasn’t working, in fact it made him want to laugh at the others feeble attempt at appearing unnerved. He wandered over and stood in front of the bars, his stare icy as he obviously remained silent. Who did this little troll think he was? If he hadn’t of acted in such a mannor the juggalo would probably of not even bothered with a second glance.

Little Yellow Blood || 7w1573d4ffl1c710n


Soundssss, fuck he didn’t know Kurloz could make sounds and by the way they made his pusher beat, they were damn good ones as well. Mituna decided he might like a little more. Though he didn’t get a choice in the matter really as he was too busy gasping to try and even use his throat to speak.

 Just when he thought that those fingers were staying there for a while, he suddenly felt them being retracted.

"Mnnnn..nnnnnnnnnnn….mm-whahat?? no fair!!"he sulked.

Never had he known such frustration as when those tingling, needing feeling was burning deep in his nook but Mituna didn’t need to huff and sulk for long. Kurloz soon came back, popping in a small egg and turning on a sweet buzz within him.

All those vibrations left something of a good distraction as he was being dragged down to his knees. Hell, there was even a giddy grin on his face as the toy did its job. It wasn’t too much but it felt good and well, sometimes he either concentrated on too much, or just one, single thing. However the sight of Kurloz’s bulge had him nodding a bit, licking his lips with his lovely forked tongue before taking the length and sucking it right the way into his mouth. Ohh shit, that thing was cool and Mituna suddenly found himself eager to peform as he moved along it, sliding hsi tongue around the girth of it and purring lowly.

A low moan rumbled it’s way out of Kurloz’s chest as his hands made their way into the others messy black hair. He pushed himself deeper into the other as he felt that warm split muscle wrap around his writhing appendage. He had a control for the vribrator in his hand and he slowly turned up the power.

He hadn’t felt pleasure like this for a long time, and it was already showing as his breath became slightly laboured, his hand tightening in the others hair. The grip was probably too tight but he didn’t care, the sensations running through his body clouding his mind.

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+ 10 || Open

You starred and sighed at all these people wanting your attention. You weren’t overly bothered about giving it too them. You knew that not many of them would prove to interesting to you, and you weren’t even bothered by that really. They were there to help you fulfil your duty to your religion and entertain you otherwise, and the ones who weren’t? Well they were to be your friends i suppose.

You wondered if anyone would introduce themselves? After all you needed more company the the retarded yellowblood and his look a like to keep you company.

Little Yellow Blood || 7w1573d4ffl1c710n


 Well whatever the highblood was intent on doing was likely to work in his favour. Mituna was never one for being hugely vocal, sure he could give moans and groans, but they were always wonderfully delirious and breathless. Those had only come under his own hands before now (or his bulges in his own nook. Ha.)

Right now though, Kurloz was giving him a good work out and it was little wonder that the yellowblood was reacting with small whimpers and huffs. Both his chutes were being teased horribly by Kurloz’s hand and if he could he’d have moaned against his tormentors stitched lips. Instead, he had to settle for letting it out into the thickening air. “NmmnMmnn!” he groaned, eyes looking a bit half lidded even if his neck was still throbbing with the dull ache of pain.

The way his arms were being held was horribly frustrating, particularly when his need was to touch this vile highbloods body and kiss him right back. Mituna was always such a shit troll with control, so his urges always won out regardless of what his broken pan wanted. It was for that reason his fingers were grasping needily, rather than squirming away in fear like most trolls might have.

He hummed again as he heard the other moan, his fingers reaching deep into his hot wet nook. Kurloz could feel his bulge exposing himself, holding back a groan as it slipped from its sheath and began to squirm against the tight fabric of his boxers. It was uncomfortable but he would hold back and make this as slow and teasingly painful for the other as he possible could.

He pulled his fingers out, letting the yellow drip from them as he smirked and returned to his tables, this time going to the one covered in strange looking toys. He deliberated for a second what he would use on the other before picking up a small egg shaped vibrator. Upon his return he also bought some rope with him, leaving it over his shoulders before pushing the vibrator up into the others nook, turning it on with a smirk.

He then bent down to undo the straps around the others ankles, then up to undo the ones on his wrists, letting him fall to his knees. He grabbed and tied his hands behind his back. He then moved to undo the button and unzip his trousers, pushing them down slightly and freeing his bulge with a sigh. It writhed in front of him as he pulled the yellowblood closer, entering his mind once again.


He commanded.

Little Yellow Blood || 7w1573d4ffl1c710n


A very hot, split lingual muscle slid from the confines of Mituna’s mouth to moisten his lips for a moment when the fingers slid into his tight nook. His nook wasn’t exactly normal either. The skin was able to stretch to take a rather large girth and it’d snap back to its former tightness too. Though it meant anything too small just wasn’t going to cut it, including a single finger. So really, Kurloz had hit the proverbial nail on the head by using two.

"Nn-Ffffff-!" He gasped, clenching a little around the digits that had invaded his hot core. Yellow drips were slowly making their way down his thighs as his neck was kissed, making for a sickly sweet lubricant. Fuck, his body knew what it liked and reacted accordingly with spasms or outburts most of the time, so Mituna was unsurprised to react in such an extreme manner. If anything it just went to show this fucker was a little different, and that touches (even if they were from monsters) could be good.

He hummed as he felt the other clench around his fingers, pushing in a third with no warning as he felt his muscles stretch back out. This new digit hit something though, something he should of been expecting really with the double bulge, but by the feeling of it his nook split as well. This was unusual, and it actually took him by surprise. He had played with yellowbloods before but he had never come across anything like this, he was going to make the most of it.

He slid in his pinky finger, it wasn’t much but it was still quite a length and let two slip up each passage. He tried to dig as deep as he could, pushing his fingers deeper into the others hot slick mess of a nook. He wanted to hear more, he wanted the other to moan properly for him, and what Kurloz wanted, Kurloz got.

Little Yellow Blood || 7w1573d4ffl1c710n


Although the pain from his wounds were throbbing and aching, he was far more invested in feeling whatever else Kurloz was doing. Deft fingers seemed to make his own flex and curl as he felt them pry at his now sopping wet nook. It was to the point he was trembling slightly just from that alone, but the kisses to his neck soon made ever tremor more than worth it.

 That didn’t mean he wasn’t still scared shitless of what this highblood could possibly do, or the fact he was being touched. Fuck, he’d never been touched up like this and he’d be damned if he didn’t enjoy it and loathe it at the same time.

 All that teasing at his neck and nook only had one reaction, and that was for his two, lovely bulges to reveal themselves. They slipped out one at a time, thick, ridged and with nice, fat knots at the base. Most trolls had two tentabulges, but Mituna was a little different, sporting something much better indeed.

Kurloz smiled evilly as the others leaking nook began to stain his fingers. Who knew this little slave would be turned on so easily in such a dark and bleak situation. feeling the others… what? bulges? He pulled away far enough to look down to see a sight never witnessed  buy the clown before. The other didn’t have bulges as they knew them. The fact there was two wasn’t what confused him, it was their appearance. Strangely they looked slightly more human than what trolls normally packed away, but still rather alien like. He didn’t really know what to think, but if he ever decided to ever allow the other to dominate him he was sure it would be interesting.

He slowly pushed two fingers into the other, the coolness of them obvious against the others burning heat. He wasn’t going to go easy on the other, and one finger was boring. He eased them in slowly though, teasingly, returning his attention to the others neck. As well as blood his neck was smeared with the paint the clown prided himself so much on. He still had plenty left on his face but it looked mangled, making him look just that little bit more terrifying.


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